Quinn Lowery Inventory Auditor

Taking chances is not always easy and can be intimidating. Breaking out of our comfort zones and taking risks forces us to be vulnerable and unsure, but sometimes those risks pay off with the highest rewards. At Quantum, most of our inventory auditors come into the job with a lot of questions, unaware of how the process works, how to use the technology, and what the audit does and provides to our customers.  

Therefore, we have a comprehensive training program. We take care and time to train all our new hires until they feel confident and comfortable performing their tasks. Even when you have completed training and been on the job for an extended period, there will always be someone just a phone call away to help answer any questions you may have. However, we know that the idea of becoming an inventory auditor can be intimidating to some, but if you are the right fit for the job, you may find it is the best chance you have taken. This was the case for Inventory Auditor, Quinn Lowery. Quinn was working for School Specialty, a school furniture supply company, and being faced with the possibility of being laid off due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, when her brother suggested she explore the possibility of becoming an inventory auditor with Quantum Services. 

The Risk and the Reward 

Quinn was at a point where she was craving more workplace stability, consistency in her hours, and more room for growth and development. Her younger brother, who happened to be an inventory auditor with Quantum Services, wondered if this job might provide the career opportunity she craved. After getting to know Quinn’s situation, he decided she may be just the right fit for the job and suggested that she give it a shot. Quinn needed something quickly and trusted her brother wholeheartedly. Ready to make a change, she went through the hiring process and never looked back. Her brother knew she would enjoy and succeed at the job, and now Quinn has been with the company for almost a year.  

Now, as she reflects on the last 11 months, Quinn knows she made the right choice as Quantum Services has given her the exact things she was looking for.  

“Quantum Services has helped me grow personally and professionally. Paying attention to detail, taking pride in my work, learning new things, it’s fantastic. This is a completely new line of work for me and has really kept me on my toes – I really enjoy it.”  

Quinn highlights the best parts of her job are the people and building relationships. She loves working with her brother, saying he has been a great teacher, answers all of her questions, and is an asset to her growth and learning. They get to be on the road together and always have one another’s back if a problem arises.  

“I like the stores, I like the people, it’s been a really rewarding job.” 

Ask, and you Shall Receive 

While talking with Quinn, it was clear that she values her co-workers and team at Quantum Services. No question goes left unanswered when you are learning to conduct an inventory audit. Quinn reflects on how good Quantum was at helping her learn and showing her hands-on how to do all the necessary tasks involved with the audit.  

“The hidden treasures at Quantum Services are the teamwork, camaraderie, and the help. If you have questions, they are very good at getting you the answers you need. Everyone I work with is so helpful, and I am not talking just about my co-workers, but the store managers too. They have all been amazing. If you get hired here, know you’re coming into a great team. If you want help, you can always get it.” 

auditing questions answered

The Fine Print 

As with all positions, there are going to be challenges and things you wish you could change. We asked Quinn what the most challenging aspect of the job was, what she would change, and what an incoming applicant should know. Quinn consistently noted the physicality of the position, stating that if the C-Store is organized, it usually is not an issue. You will be standing and squatting, counting all the items on the shelves, so movement is necessary. However, if you are assigned to a store that is disorganized, you must be able to not only move, but lift, twist, and turn.  

If she had to change something, the early hours and travel can prove difficult at times. Inventory Auditors will have to get up before the sun to travel to their stores, but it is something you get used to and the benefit of getting off earlier outweighs the inconvenience of waking up early. Quinn likes traveling most of the time, but it can be daunting when there is a lot of construction and/or harsh weather. However, being able to see various parts of the state is an enjoyable reward of working as an Inventory Auditor and traveling from store to store.  

When asked what an applicant should know about the job, Quinn remarked:  

“Be prepared to work hard. This job is not for the faint of heart but is extremely rewarding. You need to pay attention to detail, be willing to work hard, show up for work, have a good work ethic, be a good team player, and be open to criticism. Quantum is a great place to work, and I really am enjoying my time here.” 


If you have any questions about our becoming an inventory auditor, check out our website!  To learn more about open positions in your area, visit our job postings today!