Quantum Services Giraffe MascotLiving in North America, most of us are used to seeing deer and squirrels run through our yards. We easily recognize the deer’s steady, careful stance and each squirrel’s busy, hurried scurrying—they are commonplace to us… ordinary and typical. But can you imagine if you woke up one morning to see a giraffe out your back window?

Giraffes are incredible creatures, gracefully standing up to 19 feet tall with iconic features and habits. Assuredly, giraffes even wow those few lucky people who get to live among them. At zoos across the U.S., children line up to feed giraffes and view closely their long necks (and tongues). Giraffes draw large crowds and long gazes, and fascinate all ages, even on safari treks through Africa.

The giraffe as a symbol

It’s uncommon to find the giraffe used as a mascot for a school, brand or business, and so it made perfect sense to choose it as our own! Quantum Services is home to a team of confident and responsive inventory auditors that embody many of the same qualities that the giraffe routinely demonstrates. So exactly how do these similarities stack up with one another?

Organizational structure

  • Giraffes are non-territorial and sociable, living in loose, open herds that frequently change.
  • Quantum is a loosely organized, constantly changing organization in which hierarchy is not emphasized.


  • Giraffes are the tallest mammal with excellent eyesight that enables them to see over long distances.
  • At Quantum, we place great value on the “long view,” which requires getting above the daily details and scanning the horizon to build for the future.


  • Each giraffe is unique—no two patterns of spots are the same.
  • Each of our employees is valued for their unique background, skillset and experience.


  • Giraffes are quick and agile, reaching a top speed of 37 miles per hour.
  • Quantum swiftly adjusts and adapts services to meet clients’ needs.


  • Giraffes are selective feeders and search patiently for the perfect food.
  • Quantum is specialized and provides service exclusively to the convenience and petroleum industries.


  • Giraffes have big hearts that are two feet long and weigh 25 pounds.
  • Our values express our big heart and sincere care for our people and clients.


  • There are no leaders in a giraffe herd and coordination of movement is minimum.
  • At Quantum, we encourage self-direction. Leaders emerge naturally, and guidance is provided by many different members of the organization.

Location and reach

  • Giraffes travel each day to search for food and have a wide geographical range—up to 46 square miles.
  • Most Quantum crews cover a wide geography daily—travel is a fact of life.


  • Giraffes are quick learners. Just 10 hours after birth, a young giraffe runs with the pack.
  • Quantum expects new auditors to learn their jobs quickly. We are a learning organization that recognizes and rewards individual growth.

From how giraffes live and travel to how they interact with one another, Quantum is proud to draw the likeness of these stately animals with that of its own unique and confident team!

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