Hourly pay + Travel pay = You come out ahead! 

At Quantum Services, your career as an inventory auditor allows you to enjoy a special kind of workday. Instead of staying in one location, you get to visit different client sites by driving yourself between their stores. You get to own your day—and manage yourself and your time—as you travel and work. Our employees love the independence they enjoy each day and the unique compensation they earn! 

Quantum Service Compensation Model ExampleBecause inventory auditors have an uncommon workday and drive their own cars throughout the day, there are a few ways we competitively compensate them for their valuable work. An inventory auditor’s total compensation, including hourly pay plus travel pay, is earned to help offset the cost of gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance and travel beyond a normal commute time and distance. This means you make more than if we only reimbursed you for gas.  

Hourly Pay
An inventory auditor gets paid an hourly wage for every hour they work at a client store or drive between client sites. They also are paid an hourly wage for any commute time to and from their home that is over 30 minutes each way.  

So, if it takes you 40 minutes to get to the client site first thing in the morning, you get paid for 10 minutes of that time. Just not the first 30 minutes, which is a normal commute time. If it takes you 20 minutes to get home at the end of the day, that is within a normal commute time and unpaid since it is under 30 minutes. But, if it takes you 45 minutes to get home, you will get paid for 15 minutes of that time.  

Travel Pay
Every inventory auditor also gets paid for their daily travel between client sites. Any miles you clock between client sites will earn you travel pay based upon Quantum’s current travel pay rate. In addition, if you travel more than 20 miles during either commute—the drive you make from your home to the first client site and the drive you make from the last client site to your home—you will earn travel pay. And that is every day! 

For example, if you drive 30 miles to your first client site in the morning, you will earn travel pay for 10 of those miles. Just not the first 20 miles, which is a normal commute distance. At the end of the day, if your commute home from your last client site is 15 miles, that is within a normal commute distance and unpaid since it is under 20 miles. But, if you drive 35 miles to get home, you will earn pay for 15 of those miles. 

We promise, it’s easy and you come out ahead
All the math might seem confusing at first, but we assure you it becomes easy to figure out, very quickly! And, we are always happy to help our new inventory auditors as they learn how to record their hourly pay and travel pay. At the end of each pay period, the additional compensation truly does add up and serves as a unique and welcome benefit to working at Quantum.