Steve Dean

In the sunny state of Indiana, in the happening hub of Evansville, Steve Dean is on the go as a Division Manager with Quantum Services. As a sprightly 30-year-old-at-heart, Steve enjoys inventory life because its fast-paced environment keeps him physically active in the convenience stores he inventories. Being with Quantum Services since November 2022, he performs item-level scan audits (ILSA) for Giant Oil Inc. under the guidance of his Area Manager, Adam Solomon. Asking Steve what specific challenges he has faced, you can tell by his thoughtful answer that he recognizes the value for Giant Oil is in having a solid inventory process, stable crews counting their stores, and being an active listener. Adam has shared that Giant Oil is happy with the current auditing staff, which is attributable to Steve’s choices made while scheduling. For him, having a steady crew of auditors allows them to focus on the audit process, bringing consistency across the board.  

Having a head for business himself, Steve also knows that the efforts of his crew affect the bottom line of the client. Due to Steve’s honed decision-making skills, he has helped Giant Oil reduce their ‘Not Founds’ significantly. Not Founds are what you would see when current inventory is not matching the pricebook, a scenario to avoid in the c-store arena. Helping convenience stores control their inventory is another way he brings value to his stores. 

 “Steve works really hard to build a strong relationship with people from all levels of Giant Oil. He does a great job working with their team to constantly improve. We are grateful to have the stability he provides us in Evansville.” -Adam Solomon, Area Manager 

As great of a listener as he is, if he could spend more time talking, he would. Steve likes meeting new people at his stores and getting to know the managers at each location. But he also likes other aspects of his role, commenting that it’s less of a job and more of a way of life. Working at Quantum Services gives him the opportunity to be his own boss, and to make time for the client, acknowledging that Quantum provides flexibility to schedule the stores. With a perpetual rosy outlook, Steve’s positive attitude impacts everyone he encounters. He believes a person’s effort directly affects their growth within the company, noting that he moved up quickly to Division Manager. He feels that with Quantum, everyone has the opportunity to be great, and if he needs it, he can ask for support with a quick phone call.  

While Giant Oil has had its ‘Not Founds’ reduced tremendously, Quantum Services is certainly happy to have found Steve Dean. 

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