Michelle Miller

Quantum Services has a close-knit company culture for all its employees across the country. We believe the workplace is a community where people have a voice in decisions that affect them. We asked Michelle Miller what it is like to be a part of the Quantum Services Community:

What is your current title and how long have you been with the company?  

I am an Audit Supervisor and Field Training Coordinator. I have been with Quantum Services for over three years, and I am responsible for training new inventory auditors. I also supervise a team of inventory auditors in the field. 

What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?   

I really enjoy the opportunity and freedom to work independently. At Quantum Services, there is a great balance between being trusted to work independently and having the support to help me whenever I need help.  

What attracted you to work for Quantum Services?  

I have been in the inventory management field for 27 years and applied to Quantum after moving to Florida. The quick hire structure and company culture made me very interested in applying to Quantum Services.  Everyone I talked to seemed to really like being a part of the team and had only good things to say about their time with the company.  

What do you believe are the best benefits of working for Quantum Services?  

Quantum Services works with its employees and develops them for growth within the company. I also feel like I have a voice within the organization that is listened to. How has the company changed from when you started?  

One of our core values, continuous improvement, is really focused on by Quantum Services. Our teams are constantly adapting and changing to meet employees’ and customers’ needs. 

Describe the company culture.   

Quantum provides a healthy work/home balance which is a hard thing to find. I really appreciate the ability to spend time focusing on work as well as spending time with friends and family. They also do a wonderful job of making each employee feel valued.   

Describe how employees can grow within the company.   

Employees can advance and grow by learning about new clients, being willing to travel, and helping when needed.  

What are some key characteristics of being successful within Quantum Services?  

  • Adaptability
  • Integrity
  • Willingness to learn new things

What are some ways you have grown personally and professionally since starting with Quantum Services?  

I have grown personally through the travel opportunities that Quantum has given me. It is nice to be able to visit new places and meet new people. Professionally, I have learned a lot from our clients, our management team, and enjoy training new employees.  

What do you feel makes Quantum different from other inventory audit service providers?   

Quantum Services works with each client to provide them with the audits that they need for their store.  It helps teams work toward better processes and find any issues.  They really listen to and value their employees. You are made to feel good about your job and your contribution to the company.  

Describe a favorite story of how you helped a client achieve more by choosing Quantum Services for their auditing services. How did you & the Quantum Team make a difference in their success?   

We helped secure a new client in North Carolina by showing them our process. They were impressed with our process for completing counts, the ways we double-check ourselves, etc. It really helped them to make the decision to choose us as their inventory audit service provider. They have really benefited from that decision. It feels good to make a difference and be confident that you can help businesses grow.  

Who has been your favorite client to work with and how long have you worked with them?   

GATE Petroleum is my favorite. I have worked with them for over three years and really enjoy the working relationships I have developed with them.   

In what ways do you feel that Quantum provides value to its clients?   

I think we provide value to our clients by having several ways to double-check ourselves in audits as well as through our customized reports. We try to be very transparent in our audits with our clients and work together to make their businesses more profitable.  

What impacts have you seen because of your job for the client?  

I think because of the service we provide, our clients here in Florida feel that they are getting great value by using Quantum Services. They understand that Quantum Services provides great service, a great working relationship, and an outside source that is in their corner, helping them succeed.  

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