Heather CampilloIt’s not a surprise that Heather Campillo, Division Manager for Quantum Services, moved to Valparaiso, IN to better serve her customers—she doles out generosity in everything she does, a winning characteristic for us and her customers.

In the morning, when Heather enters a store, you will see the smile that ensues when she greets the store manager. This friendly attitude is a value that both of her customers, Family Express and Anabi Oil, prize. For each company, customer service and a sense of family are the topmost qualities to have, making Heather a perfect match for inventorying their stores. From the welcoming colonial-style storefronts of Family Express’ 66 locations to the ten family-run stores of Anabi Oil, Heather makes it a priority to build strong relationships. There is a trust that forms when the store managers know the reliability and integrity of the person counting their inventory. For Heather, making sure the customer is satisfied means she is doing a job well done. 

“We all have a job and should do it well. Take pride in what you do, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are in a tough position.” -Heather Campillo | Division Manager, Quantum Services 

Heather’s Career with Quantum Services 

Being the sole individual responsible for providing audits to the northwestern Indiana stores, Heather learned the importance of asking for help and voicing her concerns early on in her career. That personal growth has allowed her to optimize her effectiveness as a solo division. She understands the value she brings to both Family Express and Anabi Oil in how well she communicates with the store managers. She takes time to go through the findings of her audits, showing results in the reports, and providing solutions to issues that her clients can use.  

If Heather recognizes that a store is having shrink problems, she works together with the store managers to develop a solution she can execute and thanks them when feedback from her is taken, for example, getting the stores audit-ready.  

Circling back to her generosity, Heather recently recommended two people to join Quantum Services. She wants others to know the perks of working in an environment that is supportive and appreciative. Quantum also gives individuals a great work-life balance with interesting places to travel to during the week, and weekends off to enjoy.  

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